Awards at the Symposium on Computer Animation

August 10, 2015

Dr. Dinesh Pai and his trainees received two awards at the 2015 Symposium on Computer Animation!

Benjamin Humberston and Dr. Pai received the Best Paper Award for their paper titled “Hands on: interactive animation of precision manipulation and contact.” While humans can easily and effortlessly manipulate objects, animating a virtual character’s ability to do the same requires expertise and time spent with offline motion capture. In the paper, Humberston and Pai present a real-time adaptive animation interface to animate contact and manipulation of virtual objects using haptic force feedback.

Kyle Piddington, David Levin, Dr. Pai, and Shinjiro Sueda received the Best Poster Award for their poster titled “Eulerian-on-Langrangian Cloth”.

Traditional, Langrangian cloth simulators have difficulties with sharp constraints as the cloth cannot bend smoothly around an object. Thus, cloth cannot bend where most needed in an animation. The researchers’ poster presents an efficient method using both Langrangian and Eulerian coordinates to resolve constraints so that cloth can bend smoothly.