Dr. Pai receives significant funding for Skin and Body Simulation

Dr. Pai received a large university-industry partnership grant supported by NSERC’s Idea-to-Innovation (I2I Phase 2) program and Vital Mechanics Research, a UBC spinoff from Dr. Pai’s lab. The grant supports translation of our basic research on skin and soft tissue simulation into real world applications. The two year project is supported by $350K from NSERC’s I2I Phase 2 program, matched by $175K in cash and other in-kind contributions from Vital Mechanics.

The project is developing novel software and measurement systems to construct highly accurate simulations of how the human body interacts with external objects. The new technology will enable consumer goods — such as high performance apparel and wearable devices — to be designed, optimized, and tested in a virtual world before prototyping in the real world.